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What to expect?

In these classes the Ashtanga method will be explained and experienced in an intimate setting. Modifications will be available to accommodate all levels, so no prior experience is required. You will develop a sustainable self-practice with the confidence to move through it anytime, anywhere.

What is ash'TANGA?

The Ashtanga method involves a masterfully designed set sequence of postures that students learn gradually over time. The Mysore class allows individuals to move through the sequence at their own pace, without the need to look or listen for the next instruction. Teachers assist students individually, as well as teaching new postures when the student is ready. By this method, the body learns to flow effortlessly through the postures, allowing for a peaceful and deeply meditative experience.

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Class structure:

You'll be receiving individual instruction, so this class is totally safe and requires no previous experience. In the beginning your practice will be short, and stimulating to the body and mind. You'll move through a sequence of positions with emphasis on committing these to memory. Gradually you will integrate the postures you have learned, and flow through them confidently as you advance further into the sequence.

Students with prior experience of Ashtanga Yoga will be assisted with their existing personal practice as is needed on an individual basis. 


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Classes schedule AT 7am CET and 6am PST

1 Month beginner


Top features

  • Beginner's Tutorial
  • At your fingertips full access to historical library of classes
  • Personal consultation
  • 1-on-1 with Dylan & Charmelle
  • Guided practice in a supportive community
  • The practice that will change your life




1 Month experienced


Top Features

  • Access to an open Mysore room 2 x daily - 7 days a week
  • Access to Restorative Yoga Class weekly
  • Exposure to the TIFA community, which might change your view on how you practice the ashTANGA
  • Continued mentorship from Dylan & Charmelle
  • Advanced guidance through secondary series and beyond

3 Month Membership


Most Popular

  • Full access to the previous 2 boxes' advantages
  • 3 month dedication through your practice without the ability to let yourself down 
  • An accountability buddy to hold you present in practice
  • Be part of shaping the future of TIFA ashTANGA Lab
  • Enhance your own practice and develop new skills
  • Your dreams awake