Astrology Crash Course


This course is for anyone wanting to gain astrology knowledge and “get their hands dirty”

practicing astrology in a short period of time.


Astrology Crash Course

  • Recordings of this 10-week course with Andi.
  • Become an amateur astrologer and save your time from reading several books
  • Learn the art of embodied astrology and how to feel, see and understand the planets, archetypes, aspects, and transits.


In this never-before-taught course, Andi will take you through at least 2 years of astrology learning and give you the blueprint and keys to the kingdom to come to explore on your own.


This groundbreaking course brings together embodied learning in the style of TIFA with the astrological inquiry our ancestors have studied for ages. This approach allows for faster, cumulative learning. You’ll find yourself asking everyone you know for their birth info. The ‘aha’ moments will be daily! This is the perfect recipe for bringing your learning alive and allowing it to transform how you live life: for the better!


You will begin to view the world differently, see through the patterns, trust more deeply, feel more held in your own life and have more compassion for others. You will be prepared to enroll in a professional astrology certification course after this as well. Your horizons are endless.


Kaya, Jesenice, Slovenia

"Expect to do a lot of inner work, be challenged and kicked of your comfort zone. Get ready for an intense Cosmic ride! The course opened a new world for me; a world where I can play more. I embodied the inner knowing of “being able to rise above any conditioning and definitions” and choose the energy of the specific Zodiac by myself anytime I want. I started seeing the world in patterns even more than before, realizing there is so much fun going on out there. Thank you Andi & the team!"

Maca, Cordoba, Argentina

"I could never have imagined how astrology could be embodied. And certainly it can! The degree of understanding and knowledge you can embody in this course is amazing. I have develop a capacity to guess and see astrology patterns through peoples eyes, behaviors, lifestyles and choices.
Thank you Andi for this amazing experience!"

Alice Chen, Glen Ellyn, USA

"What I loved the most about TIFA’s astrology crash course is that it teaches you HOW to learn astrology vs teaching you astrology. It’s like the old Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime” Also enjoy the Astro extras like astro medicines and astro fashion: and how embodiment of each planet and sign’s energy is acknowledged in order to help the content land in the body."

About Andi

Ever since a seasoned, career astrologer accurately guessed my sun, moon and rising (possible 168 combinations) within 30 minutes of knowing me, I knew there was indeed a science to this esoteric art. Immediately I dove deeper into astrology, swallowing as much info as I could and learning the charts of anyone I spent longer than 10 minutes with. This allowed me to radically shift my own worldview into one of curiosity and compassion. My hope is that astrology can teach this to you too. It is, as my teacher Daniel Giamario says: “The highest of the lower mysteries.” So for those of you smart, ripe for learning and hungry for knowledge, this course will be a god send, opening up a whole new way of interacting with life.

You Will Learn:


  • Lesson 1: Intro Class Review & “The Basics” Practice
  • Lesson 2: Transits: How The Planets Affect You Over Time
  • Lesson 3: Synastry: Two Charts Together
  • Lesson 4: Composite: The Chart Of The Relationship
  • Lesson 5: Astrocartography: Locational Astrology
  • Lesson 6: How To Guess Someone’s Archetypes
  • Lesson 7: Astro-Fashion & Right Self-Expression
  • Lesson 8: Medical Astrology
  • Lesson 9: Practice Session
  • Lesson 10: Q&A From The Live Class
  • Bonus: Story of Zodiac

Astrology Crash Course



  • 10 recorded sessions of our online course with Andi
  • Handouts

  • Additional Live Q&A sessions with Andi upon enough registrations