You may have noticed that Andi is gifted in explaining complex topics in an easy-to-understand, efficient way, where you do not forget the information shared. Especially when it comes to astrology! In this never-before-taught course, Andi will take you through at least 2 years of astrology learning - and give you the blueprint and keys to the kingdom to come explore on your own.

After this course, you will feel confident reading your friends and families charts. You will begin to view the world differently, see through the patterns, Trust more deeply, feel more held in your own life and have more compassion for others. You will be prepared to enroll in a professional astrology certification course after this as well. Your horizons are endless!

10-week Course Outline

  1. Intro Class Review & “The Basics” Practice
  2. Transits: how the planets affect you over time
  3. Synastry: two charts together
  4. Composite: the chart of the relationship
  5. Astrocartography: locational astrology
  6. How to guess someone’s archetypes
  7. Astro-fashion & right self-expression
  8. Medical Astrology
  9. Practice Session
  10. Q&A


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Start date: June 15, 2022

Time: Wednesdays 2-pm CET








We've got a lot to show you. 

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