Chinese Medicine for Modern Women


This is an introduction course to the basics of Chinese medicine, the Five Elements in detail and will introduce you to Daoism. It's also teaching about women's cycles - from pregnancy to menopause, from restorative yoga for balancing hormones to self-care practices.


Chinese Medicine Course


  • Recordings of this 10-week course with Zoe
  • Learn the basics of Chinese medicine and Daoism
  • Learn about women's cycles, hormones, and much more 


In this eye-opening and fascinating course, exclusively designed for women; you will learn about the rich and profound philosophy of Chinese Medicine, and how to use this wisdom to live a happier, healthier, and more balanced life.

Each session is designed to unpack the rich and complex, yet simple teachings of these ancient principles, in a way that is assessable, understandable, and most importantly applicable to the modern-day life of women, of all ages.

This first part of this course will uncover the interconnection of everything, from the elements, seasons, tastes, colors, organs, and emotions, and how this understanding can bring more stability, harmony, and vitality to your busy life.

The second part of this course will dive deeper into women’s health, exploring a timeless perspective on cycles, phases, and self-care practices and routines.

You will begin to see the world through a different lens; more connected, more whole, and more mesmerizing. It will open your eyes to see how everything affects everything, and in this understanding, along with some timeless practical tools that Zoe will share, and that you will easily incorporate into your life, you will begin to feel more connected, balanced, and whole.


Ros Langer, United States


"It was a rich course, delivered with passion, and a huge wealth of wisdom that comes from decades of studying, and truly practicing what is peached. Thank you, Zoe, for it ALL"

Belinda Sullivan, Unted States


"'I’ve always wanted to educate myself more on Chinese Medicine, as I’ve never connected with modern medicine, and never felt it solved the problem. The knowledge Zoe provides through the weeks really connected with me on so many levels. I’m a much happier, brighter, more certain person than I was before this course."

About Zoe

Living between Antigua, West Indies and Dartmoor UK

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Soulful Health Coach

I am extremely passionate about sharing the art and science of Chinese medicine, through a lens that perhaps is not spoken to very much, from a perspective the five spirits, and how they are expressed though our body, mind and emotions.

I began studying Chinese medicine twenty years ago, and my fascination and wonder for this profound, complex, and yet simple philosophy, and way of living grows stronger every year for me, and it is my wish to pass on this rich wealth of wisdom to you to incorporate into your life and work.

I am particularly passionate about sharing this information with women to help create more balance and wellbeing through greater understanding of our cycles, yinyang, elemental influences and a modern take on a Taoist lifestyle.

You Will Learn:


  • Introduction to Chinese Medicine and Daoism
  • The Five Elements: The Fire, The Earth, The Metal, The Water, The Wood
  • Manifestations to the body and emotions and how to balance
  • The menstruation seasons, moon cycle, and Chinese medicine
  • Nourishment at the major gateways in a woman’s life / Yang Sheng (self-care) principles
  • Chinese Nutritional Cooking
  • Restorative yoga for balancing hormones (yin yang)

Chinese Medicine for Modern Women



  • 10 recorded sessions of our online course with Zoe
  • Handouts

  • Additional Live Q&A sessions with Zoe upon enough registrations