This 10-week course will introduce you to the basics of Chinese medicine. It will cover the five elements in detail and will introduce you to Daoism. Zoe will also be teaching about women's cycles - from pregnancy to menopause, from restorative yoga for balancing hormones to self-care practices. 

An eye opening, deep and assessable insight to Taoism and Chinese medicine that can be applied to daily life

On Wednesdays at 5pm CET, starts on May 11th, 2022

€211 = Normal Price

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What will the participants get from the course?

A deep understanding of Daoism, and how it relates to our wellbeing, our cycles as a woman, and how to integrate the teachings into modern day living for a more balanced way of life and improved wellbeing. 


Who is the course best for?

Women of all backgrounds and trajectories, specifically with those interested in pursuing a path of holistic wellbeing, including healthcare practitioners, yoga teachers, energy workers, movement artists and anyone seeking an embodied, whole understanding of health and balance.

Week 1

  • Introduction to the course
  • Introduction to Chinese Medicine 
  • Introduction to Daoism 
  • Introduction to Five Elements

Week 2

  • The Fire Element 
  • The Shen – Consciousness, Awareness 
  • Spirit of fire, manifestations to the body and emotions and how to balance 
  • Nutrition and herbs for the fire element 

Week 3

  • The Earth Element 
  • The Yi – Intention, Integrity 
  • Spirit of the earth – manifestations to the body emotions, how to balance 
  • Nutrition and herbs for the earth element 

Week 4

  • The Metal Element 
  • The Po – Somatic soul, embodied knowing 
  • Spirit of metal -manifestations t the body and emotions and how to balance 
  • Nutrition and herbs for the metal Element 

Week 5

  • The Water Element 
  • The Zhi – Instincts, Deep-seated Wisdom 
  • Spirit of water – manifestations to the body and emotions and how to balance 
  • Nutrition and herbs for the water element

  Week 6

  • The Wood Element 
  • The Hun – Ethereal Soul, Direction 
  • Spirit of the wood – manifestations to the body and emotion and how to balance 
  • Nutrition and herbs for the wood element

Week 7

  • The menstruation seasons, moon cycle and Chinese medicine 

Week 8

  • Nourishment at the gateways in a woman’s life, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause
  • Yang Sheng principles / Self-care practices
  • Sex and Chinese medicine
  • Introducing the jade egg practices

Week 9

  • Chinese Nutritional
  • Cooking
    (Broth & congee)

Week 10

  • Microcosmic orbit meditation and ovarian breathing
  • Restorative yoga for balancing hormones (yin yang)







Instructor: Zoe Nash

Living between Antigua, West Indies and Dartmoor UK

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Soulful Health Coach

I am extremely passionate about sharing the art and science of Chinese medicine, through a lens that perhaps is not spoken to very much, from a perspective the five spirits, and how they are expressed though our body, mind and emotions.

I began studying Chinese medicine twenty years ago, and my fascination and wonder for this profound, complex, and yet simple philosophy, and way of living grows stronger every year for me, and it is my wish to pass on this rich wealth of wisdom to you to incorporate into your life and work.

I am particularly passionate about sharing this information with women to help create more balance and wellbeing through greater understanding of our cycles, yinyang, elemental influences and a modern take on a Taoist lifestyle.

€211 = Normal Price

Enroll Now!

Instructor: Zoe Nash

My journey as a holistic health practitioner began back in 2001, and ever since then I been on a mission to find way to live a life full of health, vitality and help others to do the same.

Part of this journey included completing a 3-year BSc in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture in 2006.

I have travelled the world studying many modalities, practices, and traditions, often direct from their origins. I have trained in hospitals in China, and I have studied yoga & meditation in India, and throughout Asia so that I could learn and embody these ancient wise ways into my life to enrich and enliven my own sense of wellbeing, so that I may serve and support others to do the same.