Welcome To TIFA's Free Mini Course About BODY!


Let's Focus On Your Body.


Aha! You’ve begun at the holy grail. For the body holds the score… of all of the MIND and SPIRIT stuff! Did you know that? Alas, by starting with the BODY, you set up a solid ground on which to do any other work.

This track is what TIFA’s founder was originally known for, as a Naturopath. We steward the field known as Natural Hygiene and update it for the modern world. By following this track and the complimentary one week mini-course we’ve design for you, you’re guaranteed to make some major discoveries that will change your life for the better.

From the specific timing that you eat and sleep to the type of movement you’re doing to the amount of water you’re drinking. There are some baseline ways to tune up the car your spirit is driving through life to get a smoother ride. Welcome to the wonderful world of what we at TIFA have coined “embodied research.” With anything we suggest in this mini course: don’t simply believe us, verify us! Herein are the parameters for experimentation…

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