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Let's Focus On Your Mind


Mmmmhmmmmm…. The mind can be a troubling one, can’t it! From seemingly-endless thought loops resulting in embodied anxiety to a sense of confusion like you’re in a cloud. Sometimes perhaps you just can’t focus? Or you might feel not as smart as the people around you? Maybe you feel you ove use your mind and just think too much.

Whatever the reason you’ve chosen this: you’re in the right place. The mind can be our greatest enemy, or it can be our biggest tool. Just like a ferocious dog, it all depends on how you train it! Have you thought about how your mind is working lately? In this complimentary one-week mini course we’ve designed for you, you’ll get to practice the much-needed skill of meta-cognition: thinking about your thinking.

This meta-awareness is the state of meditation itself. If you’ve tried meditation before and have been frustrated or bored, we’re not going to just tell you to try harder. At TIFA, we have pioneered the term “cogni-hacking,” helping you hack into your very own motherboard, so your best intentions can steer the ship. We’re in for choppy (but fun!) seas.


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