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Let's Focus On Your Purpose


Don’tcha just wish you knew why you were here and someone told you what to do? Then everything would be dandy, and you wouldn’t have to work so hard or fight for what you want? No time spent in the place of unsurity, not knowing what you can contribute? Wouldn’t that be lovely… :). But hey, that’s not how life is.

You’re here on a Hero’s Journey - a quest that we call “life.” So, welcome! You’ve clicked to this page for a reason, and it’s our hope to give you a few clues as to how to move forward with a bit more clarity, self-awareness and ease. Finding your “life path” often involves a lot more time searching for it than it does being in it.

Don’t be swayed by the “passionpeneurs” who want to sell you an idea of making money through sitting there and doing nothing. Spending your days scrolling through feeds or binging on Netflix as you make passive income. The unfortunate truth is that you might not be fulfilled there either.

Through it all, what matters most is the legacy you want to leave. The journey will always have its ups and downs - the question is, will you be aware of the peaceful, amusing middle-ground, where wherever you are - you’re at home with yourself? That’s what required to truly find your purpose.

Over the next week, we’d like to gift you a journey toward self-knowing to bring you a bit closer to your purpose.

Type your email in the box below, and we’ll start right away! No promises on a magic formula, but you’ll receive a scavenger hunt of sorts that will bring you closer to your original essence. That’s where the answers about your “purpose” lie!

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