Welcome To TIFA's Free Mini Course About SEX!


Let's Focus On Sex.


Ooolala! You’ve chosen the taboo route. Good work. At TIFA, we aim to tickle the taboo and go where others fear. Nope, we’re not explicitly a sex-positive space and definitely not promoting kink. What we’re here to do is bring you back to your body, back to your own turn on, and back to your desire. Sexual energy is the original creative energy. Do you tap into it often? Do you find yourself lost in either end of extremes - whether months of abstinence or binging on porn?

Women - Do you always feel like a man is masturbating inside of you when you’re having sex? Do you know about the female anatomy and different types of female orgasms? Do you have a self-pleasuring practice?

Men - Do you feel like you never had an instruction manual on how to do all of this? Do you find yourself in erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation? Do you generally feel unfulfilled in your sex life and crave deeper meaning and connection but don’t know how to start?

People in a relationship… how can you each individually work with yourself and your own connection to your body, so not only your physical communication, but also your verbal connection with one another is on point and clear.

Do you know what you want or need? Can you express your desires? What is your understanding of the word “intimacy”? Have you taken a sex inventory to track your sexual Hero’s Journey?

Now’s the time to ask yourself all of these questions and more… and get answers! TIFA is offering you a complimentary one-week course to start shifting this taboo area of life, just drop your email below. Come back home to your turn on, your passion, the root of your creative life force.

Come alive!!!

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