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Let's Focus On Your Work.


The footsteps of your boss walking down the hallway make your hair stand on edge. You feel your blood pressure rise as you get that slightly-disapproving message from a colleague. The out-of-breath exasperation from feeling overwhelmed. The loss of passion or the questions: “What am I doing with my life?” “Does any of this really matter?” “Am I making a difference?”

Does your boss somehow remind you of your father?
Do you run the people-pleasing energy of trying to prove yourself or impress everyone?
Is there some unconscious programming about needing to perform well or you won’t be loved? (That one might feel a bit tender...)
Have you faced major betrayal from past business partners?
Do you fear if you have the skills needed to be valuable in the work force?

All of these questions - and so many more - are worth asking yourself and seriously considering. If you noticed yourself shrugging “meh” and shutting down to the answers to them, ask yourself why you clicked “WORK” as the thing you wanted to work on in your life! There IS something here :).

Let’s work through it! TIFA is offering you a complimentary one week mini course to work through the work issues.

All you have to do is drop your email below. We will see you on the other side! No deadlines, lunch meetings or boring zoom calls involved :P.

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