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Improve Your Relationship with Your Parents (advanced class)

Just in time for the holidays! This one’s pretty straightforward, no?! Everyone - literally everyone and their mother - would benefit from attending this session. Parental relationships are meant to be hard. We have these amazing beings in our life -who have given us way more than we could ever fathom - to teach us and learn with us. And on that journey, it will be harder or easier, depending upon how compassionately we show up. Yep, the Dalai Lama says “Think you’re enlightened? Go home and meet your parents.” Listen in to level-up your enlightenment litmus test skills. :P


Previous Classes

The Art of Intentional Community

 Last January 27

It’s covid. Everyone and their auntie wants to start a community. But have any of them ever lived in one…? Come to this masterclass to learn about what an intentional community is, why they exist, and what are normal fault lines that tend to crack intentional communities? Leave much better informed and with resources on where to go next.

Astrology 101: Read Your Own Natal Chart

 Last February 24

Have you always wanted to be able to read your own astrology chart to get to understand yourself better? Look no further. You may have noticed that Andi is gifted in explaining complex topics in an easy-to-understand, efficient way. Especially when it comes to astrology! Come to this experimental Masterclass, where Andi rips through the basics of astrology in an attempt to cement it into your awareness. Pick up your chart and begin to make meaning. Look at others’ charts and sink deeper into who they are. This class prepares you for the 10-week Astrology Crash Course with Andi, starting March 8th. Enroll now!

Confidence: The Subtle Art of Trusting Yourself

 Last March 24

How are some people effortlessly self-loving, and others want anything but the spotlight on them? Are our differences a result of trauma, or are they how we are born? Confidence: a real nature vs. nurture topic! Come learn how to develop a deeper confidence than the runway model… and one that will last your entire life. If you won’t be your best friend, who will be?! In this Masterclass, you’ll learn what’s in the way of people trusting themselves.

The Art of Questioning (find deeper meaning & read between life’s lines)

 Last April 28

What’s in the way of us asking the right questions? Thinking we have the right answers. This Masterclass takes us through the blockades to flow state and unhinges the lock around our deeper perception. Come learn - on a theoretical and practical level - how to use the art of questioning in your everyday life. From your family to your job to your relationships, this art will enhance and greatly soften your life on the hardest of days!

How to Become a Global Nomad

 Last May 27

Yep - even in the time of Corona, everyone still dreams of the life unchained. “Digital nomads,” “traveling gypsies,” “fully decentralized” - seems there’s a name for all type of people on remote work who want to make the entire globe their home. Come learn from someone who has done it for the past 16 years. Andi will walk us through the ins and out of: 1. Working online, contract destination work, or being a traveling X; 2. Living in temporary housing, home exchanges and hotel deals; and 3. Making friends wherever we go and how to build a global network to support your travels.

Authenticity: Master Meeting New People & Making Genuine Friends

 Last June 30

Are you still running those pesky people-pleasing patterns? Are you worried about other’s first impressions of you? Have you ever felt like an outsider or maybe just socially awkward? Do you find you can say hi, but that it’s difficult for you to make real, lasting friendships? Come hear about the keys to instant intimacy and how to set intention and follow through to build long-lasting relationships with friends, colleagues and, really, anyone else.

The Art of Audacity: How to do one thing a day that scares you

 Last July 28

Deep - Breath. (Okay, Masterclass over!) Really though. What if! What if you took a mini-leap - EVERYDAY - so that going for the big leap every so often didn’t overwhelm? We know that growth happens outside of our comfort zone. This class is all about pushing ourselves out of it - bit by bit - daily, unattached to the results. Come learn about this deep self-learning process and the results it can provide! If not you… then who!? You were born for this, baby!

Open-Hearted, Loving Leadership

 Last August 25

Ahh, the Art of Leadership. A skill honed in through many mistakes! This Masterclass is well-suited for anyone currently in a leadership position of some sort (mother, teacher, manager, coach, revolutionary, etc.) - or anyone who wants to become a leader. True leadership is not something you do. It is built off of deep listening skills and a return to your core. This only develops from a deep Hero’s Journey into the underworld… kind of like what we do in TIFA’s 18-months!

Sex & Sexuality, Healing Sexual Trauma

 Last September 22

That man who reached between your thighs. The rape you never told anyone about. Your babysitter inappropriately touching your genitals. Watching porn too young. Etc. Etc. Etc. The world of sexuality today is deeply plagued, with nearly no healthy role model in sensuality and embodied pleasure - let alone consensual relating. Come unpack the complexities of modern-day sexuality and leave with more insight and practical tips to apply to your life and healing journey.

The Art of Expression: Living an Unfiltered Reality

 Last October 27

Now… What if… What if you didn’t censor yourself? What if that happy-go-lucky, audacious, unafraid and unfiltered little girl or boy inside of you could speak out? What if you could throw your arms open wide, unafraid of being attacked and not looking for someone to hug you? What if you could sing your song aloud, not for anyone to hear - but out of the joy of simply singing it? That song is your life, unfiltered. Social norms, past trauma and a desire to be accepted are our biggest blockades when it comes to own own self-expression. Well, what if you could break through those? Even if for one day? As with anything in the TIFA field, this is presented as an invitation to experiment and find a deeper truth within yourself. Come learn the parameters for said experimentation!

The Transformative Power of Vibration

 Last November 24

No, we’re not talking dildos. We’re talking those cool electric back massagers, a shaking practice or even singing in the shower! “Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh” - sing it out loud now, and touch your vocal box. Yep. That’s it. That vibratory held is the ingredient we’re looking for. Come learn about the benefits of vibration and how you can incorporate it more freely into your life. (Yes, there will be some mantra taught in this class, so get over your preconceived notions, and come feel what it’s like!)


 Last Year December 23

Want to share your knowledge with crowds? Have a hard time finding a fully authentic voice? Imposter syndrome much? By the end of this masterclass you will have a pervasive understanding of the self-work required for you to show up and share from a place of inner authority. Not because society gave you titles and you earned degrees, but because you’ve mastered yourself. We’ll discuss the importance of metacognition, flow state, confidence, the art of storytelling, relevance to audience, tone and inflection of voice, how to emphasize, draw parallels and present effectively.

PEDAGOGY: The Art of Teaching

 Last Year November 25

Do you hold workshops? Do you teach kids?
Do you want to just learn how people learn so you can communicate better?
If so, this masterclass is carved out for you.
Come learn about learning itself and leave a better communicator.
Be clear. Be precise. Be brief. Be memorable.


 Last Year October 28

Right. What is “space” after all? Like… outer space? The 1.5m distance between us…? The space inside my “head” or my heart”?

We will first begin to quantify a perceptive understanding of the “space” we aim to hold. From there, we will talk about the unseen details that can make someone an excellent space holder vs. someone who just throws events. How do you create safety in a space? How do you drum up a feeling of inclusion amongst participants? Where does your focus go? What happens if there’s a crisis? How do you prepare and follow up? What are the other million-of-things that you have to think about to hold space well?

If you’re a leader or ritual “space holder,” come to this class. This information has never been taught before. A TIFA original.


 Last Year September 23

“Sorry, what did you say?”

That fleeting moment of lost presence…) I know exactly what she needs to do; I can’t wait until she finishes this sentence to share advice. (Felt that before?)

We all could use a refresher on how to *really* listen. Often our own agenda, filters and short attention span


Last Year August 26

Alright humans - listen up… we ALL have trauma.

Yes, some people experienced more extreme trauma than others, but all of us had experienced in our childhood that have stayed with us through unconscious coping mechanisms into adulthood.

Come traverse new territory with TIFA as we explore what this looks like to heal and unravel childhood wounds in the adult community. What’s required? How are the social normal different? What does “safe space” really mean?


 Last Year July 22

Yep. So you’ve been in this orbit for several years, you’ve discovered the incredible power of fasting for yourself, and now you want to share it with others…? How to go about becoming a fasting professional and guiding other people through fasting? What do you need to know? What are the opportunities and the risks?

All of this (& more) uncovered in this masterclass.

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