The Art of Expression: Living an Unfiltered Reality


Now… What if… What if you didn’t censor yourself? What if that happy-go-lucky, audacious, unafraid and unfiltered little girl or boy inside of you could speak out? What if you could throw your arms open wide, unafraid of being attacked and not looking for someone to hug you? What if you could sing your song aloud, not for anyone to hear - but out of the joy of simply singing it? That song is your life, unfiltered. Social norms, past trauma and a desire to be accepted are our biggest blockades when it comes to own own self-expression. Well, what if you could break through those? Even if for one day? As with anything in the TIFA field, this is presented as an invitation to experiment and find a deeper truth within yourself. Come learn the parameters for said experimentation!

We've got a lot to show you. 

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