THE INSTITUTE FOR ALIVENESS was born out of moral imperative. When our Founder tried to leave her career in health, she realized that no one was doing what she was: full spectrum Applied Epigenetics. From sexual health to self-conversation, lifestyle design to integrative relationship rebirthing, discussion on the power of psychedelic therapeutics to global impact… and of course keeping open commentary on all things Political Economy, food systems, capital incentive structures, the modern health system and more. Lest we not forget about hydration and pooping too. Oh - and the most important part of all? Our own ability to quell our nervous system, find calm and quiet the incessant anxiety that plagues our disconnected species. That. That’s what TIFA is here to bring forth.

Parsed into three monumental semesters and one 6-month practicum, this 18-month course is lightyears ahead of anything currently on the market. The container for growth, the (at times over-)stimulating curriculum, and the giant mirror held up to keep you real in your transition. This level of accountability is second to none.


Would you want to see a coach who paid $300 for a 20-day online course? Neither would we. This dual life coach - health coach certification program is here to fill the gap in full-spectrum healing/embodiment (two sides of the same coin). We are birthing the Docteurs of the Future. Part think-tank, part certification body and part research Institute, we build a better future: today.


Our WHY? Because our species has never been at such a trivial point in time. From climate destruction and impending natural disaster to political shenanigans and nationalized polarization. In late stage Capitalism, the minute our health and food became commodities, the human species lost.


So, no, this is not The Institute For Integrative Nutrition. This is much more. In fact, we tend to think nutritional science is bullsh*t.

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We only welcome incredible people into our fold. TIFA is a community who will hold you in your growth… and witness your development in becoming more than you ever dreamed you could be. Crusading forward, we spread this message of human potential worldwide.

This is a mission woven in empowerment. We remember the practices of right living, modernizing Natural Hygiene. In acknowledging how our body needs to be cared for, how we can use our mind for our expansion, and how we can reconnect to “Spirit,” the universal energy available to all of us.

The course itself IS the learning AND the lesson. The 500+ hours of content from incredible people walking their own paths of enlightenment and re-membering, is here to serve you in your own quest for inquiry and Truth.

Have you seen the curriculum?

You will own the institute 

The business structure of The Institute For Aliveness is a cooperative.... meaning that when you successfully complete all requirements for graduation - most notably, showing up more fully / doing your own deep self-work (aka - coming out of the program a different person than who you were when you came in...) then you will receive co-ownership of a percentage of the Institute. 

This is not a business where the founder makes a profit. This is a decentralized, community mission, where we can come forth, inclusively, gathering the tools, techniques and Presence for what it means for humanity to BE more. To live not from desperation, destruction and fear, but rather from re-connection, community and unconditional love. To get the most out of ourselves and our own growth - so we can share that with others.


This Course IS For You If…

  • You’re one of the best in your field
  • You’ve accomplished tremendous milestones
  • You’ve had life experience
  • You’re between 29-49.
  • You’re ready to take life to the next level.
  • You are hungry for a community of people who can hold you accountable
  • You’re ready to show up for the world, to evolve our species
  • You want to work somewhere in the field of self-growth / health at large but don’t know where yet
  • Having a “coaching practice” feels a bit basic for the skill you bring to life
  • You have at least a Bachelor’s Degree and can hold yourself academically
  • You crave the belonging of being part of a collective
  • You’re a traveler, curious about different cultures and people
  • You seek to understand life better - starting with the human and zooming into the hidden intricacies of your mind and lived experience
  • You are excited about experiential education - where your homework assignments directly impact your life for the better, immediately
  • You’re not afraid of an underworld process and are willing to lean into death & rebirth
  • You have a solid, stable home and surroundings, supportive of your growth.
  • If you’re in a relationship, you’re willing to allow it to transform & grow or potentially come to a resolution, and your partner will support you in your growth.
  • You’re familiar with the concept of transference and commit to taking responsibility for your own authorship of life
  • You’re excited about deep embodiment work and are ready to delve into expression and resolution of that which hasn’t been revisited from early childhood experiences
  • You want to enhance your relationships with everyone in your life, from your family to your colleagues and friends as well.
  • You’d like to become part of an organization working in systemic change in the world

This Is NOT For You If…

  • You’re under the age of 28
  • You’re pregnant or are expecting to get pregnant within the next 6 months
  • You think you’re perfect
  • You think Andi’s perfect
  • You think this is about anything else other than you + your journey
  • You’re not open to new view/ways of seeing the world
  • You’re currently losing yourself in social media and the illusion of personal branding as the answer
  • You don’t want to be inspired by a collective and want to do it on your own
  • You’re resistant to looking at your shadow
  • You’re looking for a “guru” or an authority outside of yourself to tell you what to do
  • You are a beginner in personal growth and self-development





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Our Goal

Awaken people’s health futures by 2030. Put Health back in their own hands to have people become actively engaged in their health, taking their “fate” of disease development into their own hands. Agency leads to activism in supporting CSAs, growing home gardens, educating their children differently - realizing that a diet that is healthful for us is also healthful for the planet.

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We envision a world where humans thrive, not just survive. No more depression or anxiety, broken relationships and childhood trauma. No more sniffles or cancer.
People re-connect to their bodies, learn practices of right living, and collectively we reverse the oncoming skyrocket in lifestyle-related disease and the decline of our species?


Are you ready to get your MSc in Applied Epigenetics?

Tuition for the 18 month course


Discounts are available for early applicants (Limited slots)

  • 18 month online program with live calls and 2 required in person trainings
  • 1 year academic curriculum with 500+ hours content 
  • 6 months practical curriculum
  • Monthly therapy-like coaching with our trauma specialist facility
  • Monthly transformational support and guidance
  • Academic support
  • Weekly group check ins and individual calls with your study accountability partner and small breakout group
  • Ask-anything support in group chats from current and graduated students
  • Post-graduation: token holder on the TIFA DAO, become part owner of an organization working in systemic change in the world

See our curriculum for more information