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This course is one of the biggest investments in myself I’ve ever made. It will pay off handsomely. My unwavering financial commitment is a dedication to myself that I will not break. I acknowledge TIFA, THE INITIATION, and the TIFA Collective as a heart-centered business, not looking to make money but rather looking to create profound change in the world. By investing in myself - and thereby paying it forward to build the Institute - I acknowledge the investment I am now making in upleveling all of humanity. I sit here today, excited (and likely a little nervous) to make this commitment to pay - either all at once or in installments - and I realize that it is not refundable. The energetics of this exchange are to be upheld by me at all times. I invest in myself, and I show up in the course for that investment to work. (Eg: If I have money in the bank but never transfer it into a stock trading account, I will never reap benefits). By agreeing to this T&C, I fully acknowledge that our relationship with money is a direct reflection of our relationship with ourself. Amongst tremendous transformation and growth throughout this course, I commit to transforming my relationship with money as well as my spending and earning habits. I welcome myself to the path of psychological and physical freedom.

If at any point I want to “drop out” of the course, I will either have a life-and-death situation, or I will acknowledge my avoidant tendencies getting the best of me. Even if my conscious awareness is not fully developed to the degree where I can admit or recognize this, I will be able to acknowledge that TIFA and THE INITIATION’s challenges are “too much too soon.” That’s okay. TIFA/TI are pressure cookers. However, I acknowledge that my payments will continue to process, non-negotiably, and that even “disputing charges” or claiming fraud with my credit card company will not work, because the current version of me was so clear on my desire to invest in myself. I acknowledge that the value I will receive in this course is 10x what I am paying, and I honor and respect that. I am comforted by Andrea’s proven track record in transformation and the documented 98% success rate for people who have gone through these programs. If I choose to leave the course, I know the door will always be open to me to return, when I am ready. I respect myself, the TIFA collective, the potential of THE INITIATION to transform humanity’s health, and the crazy-wild-wisdom of this Hero’s Journey onto which I embark.

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THE INITIATION Juice Cleanse Retreat MAR 2023

GIVE YOURSELF A TRUE EMBODIED EXPERIENCE OF HEALTH... and stop clicking mindless clickbait of “Foods to Eat to Cut Bloating…” 
You’re worth more than that. 

What you'll get:

  • Video guidance 10 days before the fast on how to Prepare for Fasting 
  • 7-day GUIDED Juice Cleanse Retreat
  • Follow -Up Call and Breaking the Fast guidance
  • Before and After Photo Analysis
  • The first 3 will receive complementarity  astrology reading
  • Tons of bonuses: Resources, Yoga Classes: Ala Carte, Live Recordings and Training