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Astrology Crash Course

In this never-before-taught course, Andi will take you through at least 2 years of astrology learning and give you the blueprint and keys to the kingdom to come explore on your own.
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Saturn: The Liberator

This course is open for all ages with a basic baseline understanding of astrology.
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Chinese Medicine for Modern Women

This 10-week course will introduce you to the basics of Chinese medicine. It will cover the five elements in detail and will introduce you to Daoism. Zoe will also be teaching about women's cycles - from pregnancy to menopause, from restorative yoga for balancing hormones to self-care practices.
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Women's Sexuality

This course is for all female-bodied individuals who crave to dig deeper into their own sexual becoming and get a trail map for future balance and embodied love.
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Holistic Pregnancy & Birth Course

This course is to empower women in this special time of their lives and deepen their holistic knowledge throughout pregnancy and birth.
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TIFA Masterclass series

Masterclass series recording package of all sessions from 2021 and 2022.
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