Our TIFA women monthly circle offers to women a space where they can belong, wherever they are at in their journey, and can be fully seen and appreciated for exactly who they are, seen in their full strength, sensitivity, singularity and resemblance.


In our women circles, we welcome every sisters, to talk about anything related to how we experience life, in our woman bodies, minds and spirits. This virtual space is devoted to cultivate the sisterhood bond and be the place where you can be freely yourself as a woman and be seen in your vulnerabilities. The space isn’t a space we come for advices or solutions, but rather to share one’s woman experiences, to feel supported in them by other women, which we can relate to and be the mirror of.


The circles are free of judgment, kind and accepting everyone’s own perspectives. It requires that every sisters enter the space being honest with themselves, in emotional maturity and being responsible for how they show up for themselves and for each other. 


We, as women, provide a loving embrace and unconditional love for each other whomever we are. 


All emotions are welcome to be expressed, and not to be apologized for. 

Every Full Moon at 5pm CET.

See moon calendar here.

Women's Circle

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