Women's Sexuality


This course is for all female-bodied individuals who crave to dig deeper into their own sexual becoming and get a trail map for future balance and embodied love.

Women's Sexuality Course

  • Recordings of this 10-week course with Jennifer
  • Become fully aware of your erotic potential and the beauty of your body
  • Dissolve and heal wounds and past experiences
  • Learn that Pleasure is your birthright


We were never taught.

Never taught how to soften and receive.
Never taught what we deserve.
Never told about the extent of what our sensual and sexual experience could be.

Instead, we were shown porn of pounding, sexual service, and incessant stories of pleasing the other.
We have been violated and raped. We carry scars, which we know not how to talk about or heal.

#metoo was a good opening of pandora’s box, but we have a decade of unpacking and reorganizing our collective sexual self concept before we get anywhere near healthy.

Sexual role models nearly don’t exist. The topic is still taboo. Well, not anymore.
Welcome to a land of liberation, a space where we go into speak about that which goes unsaid. To reclaim our sexual sovereignty and find a path to healing what’s in our wake.

Welcome home.


Agi, Budapest Hungary


"I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about my body and thanks to Jenni and this amazing course, I have learned so much! This should be thought to all women and it’s definitely something you want to share with your partner. Thank you Jenni!"

Ariel, Trinidad & Tobago


"Jennifer Pipolo is a true gem! Her depth of knowledge in sexuality that was shared in this 10-week course was PRICELESS! It was truly enlightening! Be ready to dive into your body, explore and release all the energy you consciously thought you got rid of! Yup it’s still there and it is still affecting your thought processes every day. "

About Jennifer

Jennifer Pipolo - Spiritual coach, performer, and consciousness booster.

Is a free spirit and multilingual creative. Blessed by a diverse background, Jenni lived in various countries, traveling the world since she was an infant. This steeped her in the beauty of existence and an openness to embrace the “all”. This led Jenni to discover life through art - as a former actress and film producer, contemplative songwriter and a singer. On her journey, she has been privileged to collaborate on successful international projects with renowned “maestri d’arte” – filmmakers and artists of great mastery. Jennifer has been magnetized to what she calls “the inner transformative alchemy of being.” After twenty years on her own path of awakening, Jennifer shares her wisdom in private sessions, retreats, and workshops, in the Tuscan countryside and around the world. An apprentice of an ancient Native American lineage, she masterfully weaves together the latest findings in neuroscience and human potential with ancestral teachings. She is the founder of Evolve - Epic Retreats, under which she leads evolutionary experiences in sacred energetic places around the world. Jennifer Pipolo is leading faculty at The Institute For Aliveness, stewarding curriculum for the Trauma week as well as doing 1-1 sessions with the 18-month master’s students.

You Will Learn:


  • Unlocking Sexual Conditioning - Free yourself from the sexual story you have learned to believe
  • Awakening the Pleasure Body - Breathing, Sensing, Embodiment
  • Sexuality and our Emotions - Fear, Anger, Shame, and Emotions as the conduit of energy
  • Genital Sense of Self and Feminine Sexual Anatomy from Ancient Wisdom Traditions - What type of animal lies dormant in your yoni?
  • Sexuality and Trauma - Sexual healing and reclaiming sensations that were lost - The Grail Gates - Portals of Pain or Ecstatic Bliss
  • The Orgasm - Types and Levels of Orgasm
  • Energetics of Sexuality - Chakras, the Orgastic Wave, and how to merge in unison with your partner

Women's Sexuality



  • 10 recorded sessions of our online course with Jennifer
  • Handouts

  • Additional Live Q&A sessions with Jennifer upon enough registrations