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Why use such a complex term as Holistic Healing Facilitators? Imagine us as gardeners, each equipped to assist you on your journey. Like a well-coordinated garden crew, we collaborate to plant the seeds of transformation and cultivate the soil of your life. Together, we navigate through the seasons of change, embracing life's rhythms. While each of us brings unique skills and perspectives, one of our team members will work directly with you

Think of us as a supportive network guiding you through the garden of your soul, facilitating your journey to bloom into your fullest potential. Shedding old layers that no longer serve your growth — such as limiting beliefs, unproductive habits, and outdated patterns, we cultivate an environment where you can thrive and flourish, nurturing new growth of resilience, strength, and clarity.


The topics that are dear to my heart are Natural Secular Lifestyle, Jungle, Plants Medicines, Counscious Parenting, Sacred Wedding, Teenagers breeding, Permaculture, Heart Opening, Abundance, Movement, and Magic. 

Based in COSTA RICA - UTC-6



The topics that are dear to my heart are Holistic Nutrition and Digestive Wellness, Self-love, Tantra Wisdom, Sacred Plant Medicines, Solo Traveling, Embracing Minimalism and Community Living, and Laughing as Medicine.



Our tools are Nervous system regulation, Meditation, Breathwork, Fasting,  Journaling, Somatic practices, Psychotherapy, Astrology, Inner-child/Shadow work, Accountability exercises, Non-Violent Communication, Contact with nature, Post-capitalism vision, etc... i.e. implementation of changes in your routine that will have a great impact on your life and beyond.


We'd like to offer our services online to everyone, everywhere. As a result, the value of a session varies significantly depending on the client's location and circumstances. Therefore, we’d like to clearly state that we offer a sliding scale, inviting you to honestly identify the appropriate value based on your current social situation.

To give you a guideline, our sliding scale includes:

Over $150 per hour for high-income 

An average of $80-100 per hour for middle-income 

Starting at $25 per hour for very low-income

We trust you to recognize the value of our work and to contribute accordingly. 

Additionally, we want to introduce the concept of the "Caffé Sospeso" or "suspended coffee," where you can pay for the next client's session if you are in a position to do so. This way, you can help make our services available to someone else in need.

Please note that this conversation about pricing will take place during the trial session. Also, the free trial is valid for one coaching session across the entire coaches group, not one trial per coach.

There is nothing for you to lose, why not take a chance on improving your life by booking a FREE SESSION with one of us?