The best way to immerse yourself in the TIFA philosophy, connect with its community, and understand its objectives is by participating in one of the many circles or practices led by TIFA graduates worldwide. These gatherings offer a firsthand experience of TIFA's transformative approach, allowing you to engage directly with its teachings and methodologies. Here, you can find the latest information on these sessions and take the first step toward your transformation. So just reach out and join us in this journey of growth and discovery!

Events in 8 different cities around the world on April 21st, 2024 


New York City, USA

Chicago, USA

Auroville, India

Playa Negra, Costa Rica

Dreidorf, Germany

Siena, Tuscany, Italy

St.J de Compostelle, SPAIN

…you can also join online

On a very auspicious full moon, illuminated by a Uranus/Jupiter conjunction, we are leaping forward to meet the energy of radical innovation, expansion and evolution!  TIFA re-opens her doors with renewed vigor and localized action, supporting you in your hero’s journey through BODY | MIND | SPIRIT.  All across the world, there will be local events relating to TIFA’s core vision. TIFA DAO members will share about different topics, from fasting, colonics, shadow work, plant medicine, AI, nervous system regulation, sex and so much more…

Join us at a local event on April 21, (or create your own!!) and you will be air-dropped tokens to own a share of the Institute. Yep, you read that right. We want YOU to have a say in how we evolve the human species, together. The tokenized approach of the TIFA DAO incentivizes YOU to actively participate in how we collectively uplevel humanity. 

A talk on TIFA and the Aliveness - fasting and colonics, sharing our personal journeys, with a writers circle exploring pleasure and vitality.

@Auroville, Anitya Community, South India // 2:30 - 4-30 pm

Through a series of interactive workshops and activities, you'll have the opportunity to explore your curiosity, build authentic relationships, and cultivate a sense of belonging.

@Chicago, IL // 2-4pm

Over a cup of sacred cacao, initiate your journey with a fairly academic exploration of the gut's crucial roles and physiological needs. Next, move to the mind, weaving together gut health and nervous system regulation with the liberating practice of intuitive writing. Finally, you'll ascend to the spiritual realm, inspired by the ancient art of Chi Nei Tsang and the mapping of the belly through massage, where the gut proves to be your compass. 

@ Selva Corazon // 4 to 6pm 

"Temple of Tears" - A dance event that includes phases of embodiment with flowing tears as the core. From this place, the invitation will be to move and dance slowly with the heart broken open. A form of meditative therapy influenced by Osho and my late teacher Navanita. Coming to this evening is an offer of my heart - it allows for the river to reach the ocean. The question always remains how to reach my aliveness? What is aliveness and how does it express itself? Aliveness is multidimensional and so are its entrances. Feel welcomed in an embrace to explore a new entrance point to yourself. Exploring emotions through movement and meditation.

@ Reherstr. 5, 35759 Driedorf // 7-10pm

Discover the critical impact of Applied Epigenetics on your health future, revealing how your environment and lifestyle choices influence genetic expression. Learn about three significant actions you can implement today for immediate health benefits and prepare for a healthier tomorrow. Envision a personalized health-forward future, and gain a concrete action plan to take agency over your health through informed choices

@ PRTL - NY 10011 - 3:30 to 5pm

How to foster your health and sense of Aliveness on the Camino for an even greater experience of it? Tips and embodied practices from applied epigenetics.

@ Galisteo Hostel - via de la plata on the Camino // 5 to 6:30 pm 

InnerDance session with focus on what is life force energy and how do we enhance our aliveness when shifting our inner narrative onto us being energy rather than our persona

@ SpazioTerra - Crete Senesi, Siena Italy - 15.30-18.30 pm

An introductory workshop sampling bits and pieces around the topic of Web 3, blockchain, DAOs, cryptocurrency and more. These disruptive technologies will play an important role in the uplevelling of humanity.

Online from Vancouver // 12 - 1pm

Shh! Sneakpeak into the launch...

Explore the celestial insights of April 21 in this insightful video interview with Khar Wei, a dedicated TIFA-certified astrologer, revealing how this auspicious date aligns with the launch of the TIFA DAO. 

As a premiere, seize this opportunity to understand how at TIFA, we perceive all aspects of Life through a holistic lens, where the soul's dimension is as significant as those of the mind and materiality.