We offer free and paid programs. From Masterclasses to Writer's circles to 10 week short courses and our flagship 18-month transformative process.

Free Programs

Masterclass Series

Get a chance to attend a free live class with Andréa that focuses on different holistic topics. From seminars on non-concrete topics like Authenticity and Confidence (The Subtle Art of Trusting Yourself) to taboo topics like Sex & Sexuality, the masterclass series takes "wellness" to another level.

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Free Coaching

Sign up for 3 free coaching sessions, on the house. At TIFA, we believe in a post-capitalist society, so we don’t want your money; we want to change your life. The work we do is literally priceless. So why not give it away for free? These sessions are held with second-year TIFA students.

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Sub-Saharan African Scholarship

TIFA is committed to including under represented parts of the world in it's almost 40-country representation.

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Writer's  Circle

The Day Before New Moon

At TIFA, flow state writing is one of our best medicines. Come and join TIFA students and writers in your own flow state writing experience. Go deep, beneath the layers of the conscious mind to detox subconscious patterning.


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Women's  Circle

Every Full Moon at 5 pm CET

Our TIFA women monthly circle offers to women a space where they can belong, wherever they are at in their journey, and can be fully seen and appreciated for exactly who they are, seen in their full strength, sensitivity, singularity and resemblance.

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Creativity Festival

June 21st, 2023

Our mission at TIFA is “Unleveling Humanity,” and we start with ourselves. The solstice periods are about turning inward to see where we are blocked. If that is writer’s block, stagnancy in body, disconnection from rhythm and beat or lack of inspiration to make art… we are here to unlock it together!

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Sub-saharan African Scholarship Program

TIFA is committed to including under
represented parts of the world in it's almost-40
country representation.

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Paid Programs

18 Month
Deep Dive

Our flagship transformation course is a prospective Master's of Science in Applied Epigenetics. A course of this breadth, this demanding and confronting, has never been offered before. Are you ready to let go of everything you thought you knew to allow a more resilient version of yourself to emerge?

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Fasting Professional

Never before has there been training to guide people through fasting. In the past, fasting has been facilitated by naturopaths, through their own experience, medically and/or by trial and error, but no one has mastered the art of guiding someone through the psychology of long term fasting until THE INITIATION.

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On Demand Courses

Astrology Crash Course


In this never-before-taught course, Andi will take you through at least 2 years of astrology learning and give you the blueprint and keys to the kingdom to come explore on your own.


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Saturn: The Liberator


This course is open for all ages with a basic baseline understanding of astrology.



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